Aquatec Table Tennis Rubber Adhesive Glue 50ml

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AQUATEC Table Tennis Rubber Adhesive Glue 50ml

AQUATEC is a light weight hi-tack contact adhesive specially formulated for modern table tennis rubbers. It gives strong adhesion yet will allow easy release. AQUATEC can also enhance the playing characteristics of your rubbers.

Using an applicator provided apply a thin layer of adhesive to the sponge and blade. After approximately 15 mins when dry adhesive goes clear, bring both the surfaces together to fix. Use the foam applicator once only. The spout top applies and distributes the adhesive evenly across the blade. After applying replace the protective cap attached.

When it’s time to change the rubbers peel slowly starting at one side.

Always seal the blade preferably from new to prevent any possible damage and to and extend the life.

AQUASEAL Table Tennis Blade Sealer for splinter protection.

 Item: Aquatec table tennis adhesive
 Glue: Hi-tack bond
 Glue: Water based non-VOC
 With: Foam applicators
 Size: Bottle 50ml


AQUATEC Table Tennis Rubber Adhesive - for professional results


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