Aquaseal Table Tennis Blade Sealer Non-VOC

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AQUASEAL Table Tennis Blade Sealer Non-VOC

One Coat Splinter Protection Lacquer Varnish

Now that water based adhesives are becoming compulsory it is even more important to protect your plywood table tennis blade.

Protection is simple - apply a single coat of Aquaseal blade sealer.

AQUASEAL forms a barrier to prevent moisture penetrating into your blade thus extending its life. Aquaseal also bonds the surface wood fibres together to prevent them lifting and splintering when removing the rubbers. Fix rubbers on in the usual way, no loss of adhesion.

Before starting if required, lightly sand both sides of your blade with the fine sanding sheet and flick/brush away sawdust using a dry paint brush to ensure a nice smooth clean surface ready for sealing. Using the flat shaped brush provided simply brush on AQUASEAL working with the grain until covered including the edges. Clean brush soon after use with water.

AQUASEAL easy apply water based - milky texture - quick drying - dries clear.

Aquaseal can be used on cork. One coat gives a transparent finish that protects. For further information

 Item: AQUASEAL blade sealer
 Type: Non-VOC, quick drying
 Size: Bottle 25ml.
 Included: Special Aquaseal brush
 Included: Mini sanding sheet
 Coverage: Approx. 10+ blades


Safe to use - conforms to BS EN 71 Part 3 1995 (Non-harmful)

Specially formulated to seal and protect, a must-have for your new blade.



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