RE-FIX Table Tennis Bat Rubber Adhesive Glue

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RE-FIX Table Tennis Bat Rubber Adhesive Glue

To stick sections of table tennis rubbers that can come loose.

Use RE-FIX Glue to re-stick;

   • Sponge rubber to blade

   • Rubber to sponge

During table tennis games a player can inadvertently catch the table tennis table with the edge of their bat and slightly dislodge the rubber sheet. Also young children seem to have a fascination with pulling at the surface sheet and again dislodging it!

RE-FIX Glue is a problem solver, now you can easily make repairs to the rubber sheets. The special soft-ended applicator allows for perfect results every time. It applies a thin layer of the adhesive so a satisfactory bond is achieved.

RE-FIX GLUE is a lightweight hi-tack contact adhesive specially designed for modern table tennis rubbers.

Apply a thin layer of the adhesive to both surfaces to be repaired. After approximately 15 mins when dry adhesive goes clear, bring both the surfaces together to fix and firm down. Replace the top soon after use.

No mess, no fuss, easy!

When it’s time to change the rubbers RE-FIX will peel and give a good release.

 Item: Re-fix rubber adhesive glue
 Glue: Hi-tack water based non-VOC
 Feature: Special integral applicator
 With: Temporary support wedges
 Includes: Full instrctions
 Size: Tube container 8ml.


Carry RE-FIX Glue in your kit bag so it’s there for you when you need it!


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