Global Super Spritzer Table Tennis Bat Wallet Case

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Global Super Spritzer Table Tennis Bat Wallet Case  NEW 


Giant Dragon design wallet complete with integral bat rubber cleaning system. The super spritzer spray bottle is stored inside the wallet case together with the pro cleaning sponge for convenience. One spritz measure of Bio Green cleaner is all it takes to clean your table tennis rubbers using the sponge pad.

Clean rubbers can impart optimum spin on the ball and also prolong the lifespan.

Short video demo 40 seconds


  •    Bat wallet case
  •    Spritzer case
  •    Spritzer spray (refillable)
  •    Deluxe sponge pro
 Item: Global super spritzer wallet case
 Cleaner: Super spritzer spray 30ml
 Cleaner: Bio Green non-VOC anti-static
 Cleaner: Non-toxic | Non-flamable
 Sponge: Deluxe pro - red
 Wallet: Giant Dragon 310x210mm
 Wallet: Extra side zip  pocket
 Colour: Blue/silver


Only from Global!

NOTE: Table tennis bat for display only, not included.


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