DONIC Formula Table Tennis Rubber Protection Adhesive Sheet

Brand: Donic

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DONIC Formula Table Tennis Rubber Adhesive Protection Sheet

Look after your table tennis rubber when not playing using DONIC sheet which self-adheres to the rubber surface. Helps to prevent air and moisture from coming into contact with the rubber which can pre-age it.

  • Item:      Formula protection sheet
  • Surface: Adhesive
  • Size:      Square shape 170 x 170mm. (6¾ x 6¾ in.)
  • Use:      Two sheets per bat

To fit : Place foil onto bat and move into desired position, draw around with a marker pen using bat edge as your guide. Take sharp scissors and cut just inside your marking so that your sheet ends up marginally smaller for an easy fit. Peel off backing and you are done ready to protect.

DONIC  Sheets - recommended for European type rubbers. Cut to shape using sharp scissors.

(Price is for one single sheet)


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