Avalox Plastic Table Tennis Rubber Protect Sheet

Brand: Avalox

Product Code: 76001

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Price: £1.99  £1.50

Avalox Plastic Table Tennis Rubber Protect Sheet

Take care of your bat covering with this special sheet designed to protect and prolong the life of your table tennis rubber. Suitable for Chinese type tacky table tennis rubber coverings.

Simply press the protect sheet onto the bat to keep air away and to help stop pre-aging of the rubber. Use one Protect Sheet for each side of the bat.

  • Item:       Plastic table tennis rubber protect sheet
  • Surface: Non-adhesive
  • Size:       Shaped - universal
  • Use:       Two sheets per bat

Avalox Sheets - recommended for Chinese type tacky rubbers. Can be trimmed to shape using sharp scissors.

(Price is for one single sheet)



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