Table Tennis No Rules Set - Play Anywhere

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Table Tennis NO RULES Set - Play Anywhere NEW


No rules needed just make up your own! A great fun introduction to the dynamic sport of table tennis.

No need for a dedicated table tennis table either, any size table will do because the roll net will adjust and expand to fit the table width.

The roll net is manufactured from robust impact resistant moulded plastic to prevent it from breaking. The net posts have a unique design; spring loaded clamps for fixing, no sharp edges just rounded smooth surfaces flush fitting for safety and convenience. The roll net affixes onto any table literally in 10 seconds and can be taken off just as speedily.

The two NEW Gewo Rave Action table tennis rackets are lightweight and have Raver reversed 1.5mm sponge rubbers on, one black and the other side red. These bats allow players to control, spin and play smash shots. The GEWO brand is from Germany the home of many World and European Championship players this means you can buy with confidence. The heavy duty carry case will keep all the items together safely and the lush padding will keep things safe inside. The table tennis balls are also quality for a good playing experience and fit nicely inside the plastic tube included. Orange colour, three stars they give a good consistent bounce.

Extra table tennis balls may be purchased separately. Extra table tennis bats can also be added in order to play doubles matches.

  • Complete set comprises;
  1. One expandable roll net
  2. Two GEWO Action bats one star
  3. Three orange table tennis balls 3* + case
  4. One padded heavy duty bag

Get ready for summer with NO RULES table tennis fun anywhere!

 Item: Table tennis NO RULES set
 Net: Adjustable up to 50mm
 Net: Expandable width, tangle free
 Net: Flush fitting posts
 Bats: GEWO Rave Action, five ply wood
 Balls: Orange three star + case
 Case: Heavy duty padded 4 star
 Case: Colour black/orange


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