Sale Yasaka Silverline/Rakza X  All Wood Table Tennis Bat NOW £69.99 !

Yasaka Silverline/Rakza X All Wood Table Tennis Bat NOW £69.99 !

Brand: Yasaka

Product Code: 2051B

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Yasaka Silverline/Rakza X All Wood Table Tennis Bat


The new Yasaka SILVERLINE ALL WOOD is a high tech allround blade with a unique and attractive design. The outer veneer of ALL WOOD is very hard thanks to a special process with employing high pressure. The hard outer veneers increase the size of the sweet spot (hitting area with maximum control).

The middle veneer (the core) is a carefully selected medium density wood, slightly thicker than for traditional allround blades. It gives a really good ball feel, and together with the hard outer veneers also enough power for attacking play. In order to further distinguish this product from other allround blades.

Yasaka have developed the design to match the high tech image.


RAKZA X is the first rubber with NSS (New Surface System).  Yasaka’s new production process improves the grip of the rubber surface. NSS gives a stronger touch when hitting the ball, the control in both attack and blocking is also improved.

In RAKZA X Soft the same surface rubber is working together with a relatively soft sponge, Feel Sponge, with good catapult effect. The combination of the elastic sponge and high grip top sheet increase the feeling and improves the control of your game.

RAKZA X Rubber yet another winning combination from brand leader Yasaka!

Blade details - Model 2051B
 Type: Allround+
 Layers: 5 Plys
 Weight: ≈ 87g
 Handle: Flared
 Rubber: Rakza X max
 Control: 7
 Speed: 8



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