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Bottled water is it dangerous?

Are you worried about the dangers of bottled water? Perhaps you should be. 

Take a look at these results of a Google search for the term

'dangers of bottled water'.

Over 22,000 results, right? So, what is this risk that more and more people seem to be concerned with?

This risk is that in test after test, substantial percentages of bottled water brands and products have tested positive for contamination from synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria and arsenic. And the biggest portion of that contamination turns out to be from the actual plastic bottles the water is packaged in.

The biggest culprit seems to be Bisphenol-a, a proven deadly plastic toxin and a component of the polycarbonate plastics from which the majority of bottled water bottles are made. Often referred to simply as BPA, it leaches into the water and from there into your body. Substantial evidence points toward BPA from bottled water as the cause of numerous serious health problems all over the world. 

Young children and harmful BPA toxins should we take the risk? Our young children’s brains develop at an incredibly rapid rate, all while supporting the health of growing organs and tissues. If exposed to toxins at this fragile stage of development they can become severely altered.  

Maybe that scares you or maybe it doesn't but let's try to evaluate the seriousness of the potential risk here. Basically the risk is that there seems to be credible evidence that the plastics used in bottled water are hazardous to your health. 

But just because something is 'dangerous' does that mean that you shouldn't use it or do it or eat it or drink it or go there or.....whatever?

No it doesn't. It just means it's dangerous. It just means there's a possible risk of something bad happening. Beyond that it's up to you to determine whether you want to risk the possible consequences of your action by ignoring the risk involved.

Some dangers aren't really worth worrying about. I mean, if the worst thing that could happen is itself something of little serious consequence yet the enjoyment or otherwise benefit you get from doing it is positive... then sure. You'd probably do it.

But how serious do you take your life?  How serious do you take the essence of what your body is made of?  Since your body is 61% water by weight and your brain is 70% water by weight, do you really want to risk putting the wrong kind of water in it?

OK you might say, "Well...maybe.  What could possibly be wrong with water? Isn't it all the same? I mean....it mostly all looks the same....right?"

The answer is that there's a LOT that could be wrong with water if...if...it's been flavoured with something that's been proven to be toxic to your health. It's a clinically proven fact  the tap water in the majority of cites in the UK is some of the safest in the world. You're actually less likely to get sick drinking tap water than bottled water.

Asda and Tesco Luvly Jubly - The biggest con since 'The Emperors New Clothes' - Del Boy and Rodney would be proud.

You'd have to have been living under a rock to not be aware over the last 20+ years of all the famous product recalls there's been because of well known toxic chemicals in various consumer products. So our recommendation is to never drink bottled water but instead, if you have to carry water with you, drink water from stainless steel containers.

Discarded plastic bottles and other waste find their way into our oceans and seas causing dangerous toxic pollution. Should we care? This pollution kills millions of fish, birds, marine mammals and turtles in the north Pacific every year.
Beware of cheap imitations. Aluminium bottles that are similar in appearance require a plastic liner inside them, yes so we’re back to plastic again!  

Stainless steel is more durable, safer for your health, cleaner, and even a more attractive container for the water or liquids you carry to drink. Several companies make affordably priced stainless steel water bottles of various sizes. One such supplier is here