Global Table Tennis Rubber Easy Fixing Kit NEW

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Global Table Tennis Rubber Easy Fixing Kit NEW

Gluing on your new table tennis rubber is now straight forward using the Easy Fixing Kit. Everything is included in the kit for you to achieve professional results.

All items included:- Gewo HydroTec adhesive with applicator sponge to bond your new rubbers onto the blade. Hydro-Tec glue is a professional ahesive for a secure bond and when re-rubbering will give a good clean releace.  A rubber roller to smooth out the rubber sheet, firm it down and ensure it is secure. Specialist rubber cutting scissors, one of the blades has surrations to grip the rubber to avaoid slipping, to trim and shape following the blade outline contour and edging tape for a neat looking bat.

For all brands of table tennis rubbers.

Kit contents;

  1. Global rubber roller
  2. Global special scissors
  3. Gewo HydroTec glue
  4. Gewo bat edge tape
  5. Detailed instructions

Great results every time.

 Item: Global rubber fixing kit
 Scissors: Stainless steel
 Roller: Pro rubber roller
 Glue: Water base, non-VOC
 Tape: Gewo 9mm

Glue complies with new ITTF regulations on adhesives


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