Global Table Tennis Bat Rubber Green Super Spritzer Special 'TRY ME SIZE'

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Global Table Tennis Bat Rubber Green Super Spritzer Pack SPECIAL 'TRY ME SIZE'

try me you'll love me <3

Safely remove dirt/grime/grease deposits from table tennis bat rubber, rejuvenate and keep in pristine condition. Used regularly Bio Green can extend the life of your table tennis bat rubbers.

Simply use the Super Spritzer spray together with the sponge wiping away from the bat handle towards top of the table tennis bat. Allow a short time for the cleaner to penetrate the rubbers. Clean table tennis bat rubbers can impart optimum spin on the table tennis ball.

Short video demo 40 seconds

Pack contents:

  •    Green Super Spritzer spray + cap
  •    Cleaning sponge
  •    Grip seal bag

Bio Green table tennis bat rubber cleaner also available in large 1000ml bottles.

Non-toxic • Non flammable • Soft for hands

 Item: Green Super Spritzer cleaning pack
 Cleaner: Bio Green non-VOC anti-static
 Cleaner: Non-toxic | Non-flammable
 Feature: Super spritzer spray 30ml
 Sponge: Blue/yellow micro sponge 12x8cm.
 Packet: Zipseal bag



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