Gewo Rave Speed Table Tennis Two Bat Set NEW

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Gewo Rave Speed Table Tennis Two Bat Set - Three Star NEW

New two bat set from brand leader Gewo.

The fivefold glued selected veneers made of special plywood combined with the ITTF approved GEWO Raver rubbers ensure excellent playability. With the 2.0 mm inner sponge the reversed Gewo pimple rubbers can be played fast and can also impart good topspin strikes.
The GEWO-HUMAN HANDLE philosophy in combination with the GEWO SENSETISE grip system makes the racket look like a natural extension of the hand. This leads to a much better control of shots. The high-quality design makes the racket in combination with the extremely low price an absolute highlight in this class.
Technical specifications

  • GEWO RAVE SPEED table tennis racket with GEWO RAVER pimple-in rubber is ITTF approved
  • (Approved for worldwide table tennis tournament sport)
  • GEWO RAVE SPEED table tennis racket consists of 5 specially selected and glued plywood veneers
  • GEWO RAVE SPEED table tennis racket has 2.0 mm thick quality sponge
  • GEWO SENSETISE-Grip-System in combination with the GEWO-HUMAN handle design guarantees an intensive grip feeling

Set comprises of:

  • 2 x Gewo Speed table tennis bats
  • 1 x Bat wallet storing case
  • 3 x Table tennis balls 3 star

Perfect table tennis racket set for the ambitious hobby players.

 Blade: 5 Plys wood
 Handle: Flared style
 Rubber: ITTF approved
 Sponge: 2.0mm thick
 Bat: Three star







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