Sale Gewo Hype KR Pro 47.5 Table Tennis Rubber NOW ONLY £23.45 !

Gewo Hype KR Pro 47.5 Table Tennis Rubber NOW ONLY £23.45 !

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Gewo Hype KR Pro 47.5 Table Tennis


The Hype KR 47.5 Pro is the logical continuation of the GEWO Hype series.

The performance and playing characteristics of the Hype XT series have been further refined in intensive development work with Korean table tennis legend Yoo Nam Kyu. Yoo Nam Kyu was the first Olympic champion in table tennis in his Korean home Seoul in 1988 – in 1989 he became world champion. He is still a national hero there and was, among other things, the national coach of South Korea for 10 years – one of the leading nations in world table tennis.
30 years of experience in top-class sport have sharpened his sense for top products and place particularly high demands on the GEWO development team.

Thanks to the YOO-POWER and the proven DGC40+ technology, the open-pored, new pink-colored sponge offers maximum power for all offensive strokes. Compared to the GEWO Hype EL 47.5 Pro, the YOO POWER sponge construction is even more offensive. The tried-and-tested DGC40+ "Dynamic-Grip-Concept" ensures consistent, reliable coupling of the ball when it hits the ball and, with the new surface structure, prevents the ball from "slipping". This ensures greater accuracy of all shots. Convincing catapult values, high spin values ​​and the resulting forgiveness without significant compromises in speed, control and spin were demanded by Yoo Nam Kyu and delivered by GEWO. We are proud of the result.

Compared to the GEWO Hype XT 50.0 Pro, this Korean version of the Hype series offers higher spin values ​​with almost no loss of speed. This rubber is pure pleasure in performance.

  • For spin-offensive players with maximum power and spin. Requires heavy training
  • Super-dynamic, new, pink GEWO sponge with spin-friendly top sheet.
  • Next to the GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0 the most dynamic rubber of the Hype series.
 Rubber: Spin-elastic
 Sponge 1.9, mm
 Control: 92
 Speed: 124
 Spin: 121


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