DONIC Persson Youngstar Table Tennis Blade

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DONIC Persson Youngstar Table Tennis Blade - Offensive

Children and junveniles have smaller hands and less strength than adults, which is why DONIC have developed two special blades for "kids" requirements.

Thinner concave handle perfect for small hands, somewhat smaller blade with specially chosen lighter plys. The blade is especially light and easy to handle.

All strokes can be played with less strength. The special characteristics of DONIC match blades are retained. Perfect balance, superb control, sufficient speeds for attacking strokes.

The crucial quality of this blade is its very good control, whilst armed with sufficient speed.

Blade details - Model 100234
 Type: Allround+
 Layers: 5 Plys  6.1mm
 Weight: ≈ 75g
 Handle: Flared Thin
 Control: 7-
 Speed: 7


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