Sale DONIC Appelgren Exclusive Table Tennis Bat NOW ONLY £46.99!

DONIC Appelgren Exclusive Table Tennis Bat NOW ONLY £46.99!

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DONIC Appelgren Exclusive Table Tennis Bat


Complete bat ready to play

At its heart is the Appelgren Exclusive 5 ply table tennis blade sealed with AQUASEAL, offering superb control and ideal for producing spin variations. Fitted with Donic Coppa rubbers ideal tuning between the high-elastic, spinny playing surface and the relatively soft but dynamic sponge gives you an outstanding ball control. Rubbers are fixed with Aqua Blue emulsions based table tennis adhesive.

Donic Coppa rubber is one of the most successful products in the world of table tennis.

  • Donic Ready to Play series; Appelgren Exclusive, Persson Powerallround, Waldner Allplay

Professionally pre-sealed blades give an extended life.

Mikael Appelgren Sweden's left handed superstar brought his own style of play to the World stage of table tennis.

  • 4-times World Champion
  • World Cup Winner
  • 9-times European Champion


DONIC Exclusive; this bat would suit youngsters starting to compete in league and tournament competition play. Can spin serves, topspin attack, block shots, smash shots and more. The handle is slim in style and fits comfortably into a small to medium sized hand.

Appelgren Exclusive Bat
 Blade: Pre-sealed 5 ply wood
 Handle:  Flared
 Rubber: DONIC Coppa
 Sponge: Medium
 Bat: Intermediate






Table tennis enthusiasts; if you are considering buying a table tennis bat online ask a couple of questions beforehand.

  1. Is the blade sealed to guard against splintering?
  2. Is the glue used safe and water based, ITTF compliant?


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