Jan-Ove Waldner Magical Moments 2 Set DVD

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Jan-Ove Waldner Magical Moments 2 Set DVD

The ultimate DVD of the best TT players of all time Magical moments.

It’s what table tennis enthusiasts around the world have been waiting for years. The best scenes of the best table tennis player of all time a double DVD set with more than three hours of play, plus a bonus Virtuoso Jan-Ove Waldner.

This is not just table tennis in its highest form, namely art, which is also a piece of sports history at the same time. A stroll through the history of table tennis which begins with the student Waldner and accompanies the Swede, who became a legend in his lifetime, on his unique success story for over 25 years, from 1980 to 2005.

This English-language DVD offers fascinating studies of the best bubbles and blows of the TT genius Waldner, but he also draws a bit of his personality: in interviews (largely in the Swedish original and with English subtitles) and thanks to various close-ups it is clear how much feeling is slumbering in the seemingly cool Swede.  

Join Jan-Ove Waldner, the most unbelievable beating, to experience the atmosphere of the World Cup, the European Championships and the Olympics, as well as the fascinating twist between China, Japan and Sweden, which for almost two decades shaped the world table.

The legend lives - and thanks to this DVD, she will live on forever.  A must for every fan of the table, a wonderful gift, but also an inspiration for anyone who can not really get up for training.

Anyone watching Waldner for a while will inevitably feel like playing.

Waldner living legend the “Mozart of Table Tennis”

  • Item:         Jan-Ove Waldner 2 set DVD
  • Duration:   200 mins
  • Language: English with sub-titles

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