Gewo Target airTec FX Table Tennis Rubber

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Gewo Target airTec FX Table Tennis Rubber Offensive-

The one with feeling!

This rubber is 10% lighter than the GEWO Target airTEC L, making it very elastic and spinny. Thanks to its softness, the arriving ball can enter deeper into this sponge. This provides the player with the great advantage of both spin and speed but with excellent control.

Attacking players, with a main focus on top spin play will be excited by the great variety of dynamics this rubber offers. Apart from the power GEWO Target airTEC FX offers, it will still provide great control. GEWO Target airTEC FX is the most versatile of the Target rubbers, enabling players to experience great feeling with a wide range of possible spin variations.

 Rubber: Spin-elastic
 Sponge 1.5, 1.7, 1.9, 2.1mm
 Control: 94
 Speed: 95
 Spin: 94





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