Gewo Return Pro Table Tennis Rubber

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Gewo Return Pro Table Tennis Rubber Allround+

GEWO Return Pro was developed for the modern all-round plus player who wants controlled top-spin play.

This rubber is extremely easy to handle in all situations, giving control and good feeling while still providing all-round/offensive speed. This rubber for mid-level players allows you to play every type of stroke.

The soft, forgiving sponge reduces the catapult effect, so that all-round players can play with medium speed and strong spin while having utmost control. The sponge, combined with the very tacky surface, gives excellent feel even when playing slightly away from the table. The Return Pro comes with a very sensitive and elastic sponge.

The 2.0mm version enables you to play a very spinny, precise and controlled offensive game, while the 1.8mm and 1.6mm versions provide optimum control at medium speed. With defensive strokes, the Return Pro enables you to play a maximum of spin variations. The extended length of contact time on the ball further increases this effect. This rubber will add to your pleasure when playing.

A rubber for maximum precision with all strokes.

 Rubber: Spin-elastic
 Sponge 1.6, 1.8, 2.0mm
 Control: 99
 Speed: 89
 Spin: 102





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