Yasaka Mark V HPS Soft Table Tennis Rubber

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Yasaka Mark V HPS Soft Table Tennis Rubber
Yasaka's rubber technicians have been at the forefront of taking the "the big steps" in the development of table tennis rubbers. When the ITTF banned the use of speed glue and also the use of booster, Yasaka started intensive development work.

The challenge was to produce "a new MARK V" - a rubber with the exact balance between speed and spin, as well as the famous quality and durability. In addition, "fresh glue" characteristics were to be incorporated. To uphold the MARK V name, demand for quality has been very strict.

The result is a completely new formula for the sponge - combined with the top sheet. MARK V HPS is a "top of the range" fast table tennis rubber and gives you all the characteristics required for advanced offensive play.

The new Japanese HPS-technology by Yasaka gives:

   • Improved dynamics in the sponge.

   • More speed and spin, without higher weight.

MARK V HPS comes in two different versions: MARK V HPS and HPS Soft.

 Rubber: Spin-elestic
 Sponge: Soft  2.0, Max
 Control: 6-
 Speed: 10-
 Spin: 10+








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