Giant Dragon Topenergy Table Tennis Rubber Soft

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Giant Dragon Topenergy Table Tennis Rubber - Soft

Topenergy table tennis rubber a performance revolution revolution.

Control for touch play, punch for counter hitting, traction for topspin drives and power for the smash hit Topenergy rubber has every gear!

The rubber surface undergoes special treatment. The high adhesiveness and high resistance produces strong spin.

Durable Tension technology means that the rubber undergoes special compression treatment for both durability and flexibility, using a special technique that fills and enlarges the pores of the sponge.

The Giant Dragon research and development team have developed a special sponge which has a high elasticity and rebound effect.

Red rubber orange sponge, black rubber purple sponge.

Topenergy rubber versions:

  1. *Soft = medium- sponge
  2. Hard = medium+ sponge

TOPENERGY tacky rubbers factory tuned for strong driving topspins!

 Rubber: Spin-elastic tacky
 Sponge Medium- 1.75, 1.95, 2.15mm
 Control: 8.8
 Speed: 13.5
 Spin: 11.5




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