Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade

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Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade - Made In Japan

The gluing technology employed was originally used in the production of string instruments. Nittaku were successful in applying this particular wood technology in the manufacture table tennis blades. This method retains the wood’s natural elasticity giving the player a feeling that the blade is an extension of their hand.

The faster of the two top models has a 5.7mm thick ply core and weighs approximately 85g.

Despite its high speed the blade ensures fantastic touch and control when returning the ball.

Nittaku Acoustic is a fast offensive blade for uncompromising attackers.

Blade details - Model 100836
 Type: Offensive-
 Layers: 5 Plys
 Weight: ≈ 85g
 Handle: Flared - Straight
 Control: 7+
 Speed: 9


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