Glo-Tube Stiga Perform Table Tennis Balls 40+ Three Star White x3 NEW

Brand: Stiga

Product Code: 11132110-01

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Glo-Tube Stiga Perform Table Tennis Balls 40+ Three Star White x3 NEW


Selected through both an automatic and manual process to ensure professional quality in terms of raw material, weight and roundness. Stiga Perform balls are also pre-tested to ensure stability. Each one is perfectly round with a true bounce, no soft spots enabling table tennis play of the highest standard.

Use the tube case to check that the net height is correct!

The new Stiga Perform ball for unparalleled consistency.

  • Item:        Stiga Perform balls
  • Special:    Reusable Glo-tube case
  • Bonus:     Net height guide
  • Type:        Competition
  • Rating:     Three star match
  • Feature:   Cell-Free formula
  • Size:         New 40+
  • Approval: ITTF certified
  • Quantity: Tube of 3 balls
  • Colour:     White


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