Nittaku Septear Table Tennis Blade

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Nittaku Septear Table Tennis Blade - Made in Japan

The Nittaku Septear is a 7 ply Hinoki blade giving maximum control despite being extremely fast. Sensational topspin acceleration can be achieved without unpleasent vibration of the balde.

Hinoki blades have always been well known for their stiffness, high speed, and durability.

Softer glueing has been employed for the plys in order to achieve the best possible control when playing passive strokes. Although the blade has a larger head size it is still pleasant to play with.

Blade details - Model 100837
 Type: Offensive-
 Layers: 7 Plys
 Weight: ≈ 80g
 Handle: Flared - Straight
 Control: 7
 Speed: 9


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